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ages 6 weeks – 18 months


Obviously, your home is the best environment for your infant. The next best thing is the Nido room at STEAMspark Montessori. The word “nido” means nest. The “Nido” room has a home like feeling with caring Montessori staff to nurture and care for your child. This is the optimal environment for your child to build confidence and develop early language skills. From six weeks until 18 months, your child will be fed, soothed, read to, and nurtured.


Are you ready to BLAST OFF with summerSPARK? 

 STEAMspark offers summer camp opportunities, for ages 3-8 years old, that include engaging and educational STEAM activities, arts and music, coding and robotics, fitness and movement sessions, and more.

Add a SPARK to your child’s learning this summer and register today!!